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Prime Target
“Prime Target” doesn’t disappoint Ellis Vidler’s readers. Vidler’s story has plenty of action, a little romance, and good writing makes “Prime Target” worthy of five stars and a must read recommendation. John Kurtze
Ellis Vidler consumed me from page one of Prime Target! Prime Target starts with a good mix of mystery, suspense and fear that only increases as the plot progresses.  Sue P
A gripping tale of criminal activity, murder, kidnapping, an escape, a change of identity and a new life, a way to hide from certain death that becomes a love story. Evanell
Great book! Had my emotions in overdrive. Great plot and characters. Heartwarming and yet suspenseful. Lots of twists and turns. Couldn't put it down! Atabarac
Cold Comfort
I have read many crime novels over the years, both by American and British authors. Ellis Vidler, in my opinion, is in front of the field either side of the water. Peter Maughan, author, The Cuckoos of Batch Magna
This author does a fabulous job with dialogue, story line, character development, and the rate at which the story moved. Not one boring moment!  TeLe’s Mom
I listened to Cold Comfort from This excellent, riviting story was difficult to stop listening to. I ended up staying up all night because of it. Peni Anne
I could not put this down! Absolutely had me from the first page. I'm sure I will keep this book and read it often. Doodlebug
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It has a little bit of everything. Well written and good editing. I will read more by this author. Kindle Customer

 Time of Death
Time of Death is a carefully plotted romantic thriller, filled with a full spectrum of finely crafted characters, from sympathetic to loathsome and every shade in between. Ellis’ tale is fast-paced and action-packed. Gary Henry
This story is a fast read, has lots of action, and the characters are very compelling. It's well written and you will enjoy this highly gripping story. Nancy L. Silk, Author/Reviewer
Wow! Ellis Vidler knows about tension. Time of Death kept me biting my nails and frantically turning pages even while I feared what was on the next page. J. Alter
A very good book, great characters, a good and interesting plot, exciting plus a very satisfyingly ending. Virginia R. Clevenger

Haunting Refrain
Had some good moments and didn't rely on sex or blood to get the story across. Just a good old fashion murder mystery. Ok, well, just a little sex and blood. Lol Gail Hodges
Very good story line, well written and Flows smoothly. If you like a little romance with your mystery this one is for you. Kindle Customer
There are few books that I can't put down, but this was one of them. There was intense drama, combined with interesting character development and a story line that didn't seem contrived. Kilgorechi
I really enjoyed this fast paced mystery and I found it impossible to put down. The author's writing style is easy to read and the characters are compelling. This story hooked in so fast that now I'm reading Book 2 of the McGuire Women. Nancy L. Silk, Author/Reviewer